Sunday, May 15, 2022

Gas prices top $5.00 in Bethesda, as low as $4.25 in Rockville as drivers get pounded at the pumps in Maryland

Montgomery County gas prices are now higher than they were at the worst inflationary period in March 2022. Prices had dropped after Maryland instituted a temporary gas tax holiday, but have come roaring back since it expired on April 17, picking up steam in recent weeks.

The Exxon at 7975 Old Georgetown Road in downtown Bethesda, where there are few gas stations left, was at $4.99 and 9/10 cents Saturday in Bethesda. As of noon today, Google is giving the station's price for regular as $5.00 even. Liberty stations at the edge of downtown Bethesda were also at $4.99 as Sunday began. According to Gas Buddy, regular is $4.69 at Sunoco at 5201 River Road in Bethesda, where prices are usually significantly cheaper than downtown.

Gas is already over $5.00 at some stations. Exxon in Brookmont, a "last gas" stop before you hit the D.C. line out of Montgomery County, is charging $5.39, according to Gas Buddy. 

Drivers are faring much better than that elsewhere in Montgomery County. Regular is "only" $4.25 at Carroll Motor Fuels at 12600 Twinbrook Parkway in Rockville as of two hours ago. It's $4.28 at Fast Fuels on the main drag in Damascus, at 9871 Main Street. In Kensington, Econoway is charging $4.29, as is the Sunoco at 18001 Mateny Road in Germantown. Yet it is 10 cents more at the other Germantown Sunoco at 19738 Germantown Road, according to Gas Buddy.

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  1. $4.90 at Exxon at Viers Mill and Randolph