Thursday, May 19, 2022

Rockville gas prices up about 20 cents since Sunday

The price of a regular gallon of gas has exploded at the Exxon at 7975 Old Georgetown Road in downtown Bethesda this week. This past Saturday, drivers were paying $4.99 a gallon, and $5.00 was the new normal by Sunday. As of last night, however, a gallon of regular was already up to $5.29, a full 30 cent increase in five days.

As with last weekend, significantly lower prices can be found elsewhere in Montgomery County. Marathon at 5143 River Road in Bethesda was "just" $4.62-a-gallon yesterday, according to gas pricing app Gas Buddy. Liberty and Sunoco on that same stretch of River Road were at $4.69, which was the average price of gas along there on Sunday. Liberty stations in downtown Bethesda are selling regular for $4.99 a gallon this morning, the same price as last Sunday.

The cheapest gas in Montgomery County as of last night was at the Sunoco at 19235 Frederick Road in Germantown, at $4.40. It was two cents more a gallon at another Germantown Sunoco at 18701 Liberty Mill Road. It was $4.43 at Citgo at 14300 New Hampshire Avenue in Colesville, and $4.45 at Liberty at 5400 Randolph Road in Rockville. You'll pay a penny more at the other Rockville Liberty, located at 1900 Rockville Pike.

Gas was about 11 cents cheaper in Germantown last Sunday, and 20 cents cheaper in Rockville. For the masochist on the highways and byways, there's the Exxon at 6729 Goldsboro Road in Glen Echo, at $5.39.