Friday, May 20, 2022

Doug Gansler endorsed by 8 current and former Maryland State's Attorneys in governor race

Former Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler picked up another round of endorsements in the Democratic race for Maryland governor on Thursday. Underlining his campaign theme of "bringing crime down and bringing justice up," Gansler was joined by eight current and former State's Attorneys from across Maryland for a press conference to receive their endorsement of his campaign in a crowded Democratic field. He was also joined by running mate Candace Hollingsworth, who served six years as the first black mayor of Hyattsville, and founded Our Black Party after the death of George Floyd.

Current Anne Arundel State’s Attorney Anne Colt Leitess said she has known Gansler for over twenty years, and has modeled her office operations after the way Gansler ran his when he was State's Attorney of Montgomery County. "There is no other candidate on either side of the ticket that has the experience that he has — the 22 years in law enforcement on three different levels," she noted. "[H]e has gained the trust of the voters over the years because he works hard and gets the job done.”

“It’s my pleasure to be here, because as with Anne, I’ve known Doug Gansler for almost a quarter-century now – from the time he started as State’s Attorney in Montgomery County where he was for eight years and his eight years as Attorney General for the state of Maryland," current Talbot County State’s Attorney Scott Patterson said during the press conference. "I also know that he is someone, as he indicated, [who believes] we have too many people in jail, and I know that he believes that the people that should be in prison and jail are the ones that are violent offenders that make it unsafe for the citizens to live their lives peacefully, raise families, and conduct their businesses — which is a major emphasis for him. And that’s the progressive part of him," Patterson added.

"There is no candidate I would trust more to make Maryland safe,” former Somerset County State’s Attorney Kristy Hickman said of Gansler, arguing that no gubernatorial ticket could match the experience of the Gansler-Hollingsworth team. She said she was confident the Eastern Shore would be "stronger and safer" under their leadership.

Former Worcester County State’s Attorney Joel Todd kept the focus on the Eastern Shore, a critical area for Gansler to do well in if he is to win the primary on July 19, and among the most receptive regions of the state to the tough-on-crime message that has set his candidacy apart from others in the Democratic field. "Doug will be a governor the Eastern Shore can put their trust behind, and I am proud to endorse his candidacy," he said, recalling that Gansler "has always been a champion of the Eastern Shore and our community needs."

Gansler was also endorsed by four other past State's Attorneys, Michelle Barnes (Dorchester County), Chris Eastridge (Cecil County), Leonard C. Collins, Jr. (Charles County), and Dario Broccolino (Howard County).

“I’m honored to be endorsed by eight current and former State’s Attorneys who trust me to make Maryland safe, and to do so in a way that is fair,” Gansler said. “As the only candidate in this race with a background in criminal justice – specifically, 22 years of experience as Attorney General, Montgomery County State’s Attorney, and a federal prosecutor – I am prepared to bring crime down and justice up across the state on Day One. I have prosecuted some of the state’s worst criminals, including the Beltway Sniper, and was the first office in the nation to successfully incorporate community prosecution. As governor, I will hire 1,000 additional police officers across the state, will put 10,000 lights in Baltimore, and will get guns out of the hands of violent offenders. Furthermore, crime disproportionately impacts communities of color and underserved communities. We need to make Baltimore safe for Baltimoreans, not just tourists or people who want to do business there.” 

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