Tuesday, September 13, 2022

This vacant Rockville Chuy's restaurant is frozen in time (Photos)

has been closed at Federal Plaza in Rockville for more than two years now. Other than the removal of the flatscreen televisions in the bar, it still looks the same as it did during the four years it was open. Signage remains on the outside of the Tex-Mex restaurant.

Why Chuy's closed and never reopened after the pandemic lockdown of 2020 remains a mystery. The food was very good. Other Chuy's locations in the region remained open and are still packing in diners today. They never even collected their furniture and extensive interior decor. 


  1. Will Chuy,s will ever open back up I love that place I love their taco salad it’s a great place

  2. I liked it better as Ruby Tuesdays

  3. When will Chuy,s open up again food was very good. I love there taco salads and tocos.