Monday, September 5, 2022

Donald Trump praises Maryland governor candidate Dan Cox, continues Larry Hogan feud at Pennsylvania rally

Maryland governor candidate Dan Cox at
Trump rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump handed Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan a humiliating defeat in the July Republican primary, when his gubernatorial endorsee Dan Cox decisively beat Hogan's handpicked candidate, Kelly Schulz. But Trump is not finished with Hogan yet, who continues to explore a presidential run in 2024 - likely against Trump. And so it was that Hogan was once again on Trump's mind at Trump's jam-packed rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania over the Labor Day weekend.

Trump, as expected, weighed in again on the August FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago home, divulging new details of how agents ransacked the bedroom of his teenage son, Barron. And he responded to President Joe Biden's Thursday speech in which the President called the 74,223,369 Americans who voted for Trump "a clear and present danger" to the country. 

But about 90 minutes into the rally, Trump's thoughts turned to the state just south of where he was speaking. He began by calling Cox "a man I'm very proud of. He's got a tough race, but I'm very proud of him. Because you have a RINO governor in Maryland. His name is Larry Hogan."

The crowd let out a cascade of boos at the mention of Hogan. "I think he wants to run for president," Trump continued, before deploying his favorite stump-speech insult about Hogan's physical appearance. "I said you got to look in the mirror first; it's not going to work. Not going to work," Trump said to guffaws from the audience. 

"But he's a real RINO," Trump continued. "And he doesn't want [Cox], because this man is all for our country. His name is Dan Cox, and he beat, he beat Larry Hogan's candidate by, like, 20 points with my endorsement. And he's doing fantastically." 

Trump speaking about his endorsee for
Maryland governor, Dan Cox (left);
Cox stands to acknowledge applause from
the crowd

Trump then turned toward where Cox was sitting just beyond the stage. "Dan," he said, "congratulations."

But Trump couldn't resist returning to his favorite East Coast punching bag, Hogan, once again. "And Larry Hogan - and this is my fault, I'm sorry, Dan - but Larry Hogan is not going to be supporting you, only because I am supporting you. So, I don't know what that means, but I can tell you that Maryland has a great man running, and I hope you're going to do well and we'll be out there helping you, okay? Thank you very much. Good. I have a feeling you'll do very well."

Photos via Dan Cox for Governor campaign


  1. The parts of the rally I saw looked good.I need to watch the whole thing.

  2. He is not the President! In fact, he never was a "President". He was/is a grifter.

  3. I can't believe this anti-democratic criminal still draws a crowd, and still affects our government. If the Maga cult did some real research instead of listening to FOX or NEWSMAX opinions (not facts), the real Republicans would be able to regain their dignity.

    1. @12:17 Brainwashed? Yes YOU truly are, if you believe in one iota of the garbage spewed by this charlatan.

  4. The only reason Lockdown Larry was elected was because everyone was tired of RainTax O'Malley and they were afraid his challenger was a third term of O'Malley. The second term was because the democrats put up a candidate that didn't even know what state he was running in. Talk about being disappointed for eight years.

  5. Go Dan, time to care about citizens that these greedy democrats believe work for them. They want to talk to children about sex and mutilation of children. They want abortion right up to birth. They want to let the drug cartels continue to have control of the border, kill our citizens with drugs, supplied by, (big suprise),China. They want to get rich off of the green new deal, which is NOT green, as you say do your research. Terrible mining practices, kills birds, and fish, and pollutes water. Democrats want big government that has the power, Republicans believe the people elect politicians, and they have the power. If you want to live like the Chinese, push forward criminals ahead of citizens, teach children to hate, and to judge those by the way they look, and not how they act, if you want to look over your shoulder every time you go anywhere, and have children that have no opportunity for a good education, keep voting Democrat. Read Wes Moores posts, he is on board with the progressive agenda.