Friday, September 9, 2022

Rockville Historic District Commission to review demolition request for West End-area home

The owner of 101 Adclare Road in the West End area of Rockville, and Ambition Custom Homes, LLC of Clarksburg, have requested an evaluation of historical significance for the property by the Rockville Historic District Commission. They are seeking permission to demolish the existing home on the site to clear the way for a new one.

101 Adclare Road was built in 1951, but has been extensively modified in the decades since, including the additions of a porch and second story. A memo submitted with the application notes the many issues with the house, such as inadequate electrical and plumbing systems. The City has contacted the West End Community Association and historic preservation organization Peerless Rockville about the proposed demolition, and have not yet received any objections, according to the staff report.

The HDC will review the request at its September 15, 2022 meeting. City Preservation Planner Sheila Bashiri is recommending the commissioners find the property is not historic, as the home does not meet any of the criteria for historic designation.

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