Friday, September 23, 2022

2nd bus stop crime in as many days in Rockville

Bus stops have been crime stops in Rockville over the last 48 hours. On Wednesday, someone was robbed at a bus stop in Twinbrook. Early yesterday afternoon at 12:38 PM, an individual reported having been the victim of a 2nd degree assault at a bus stop on N. Washington Street in the Rockville Town Center area. Rockville City police responded to the call.


  1. Excellent report from Rockville Nights. I remember a couple of years ago when certain Ride On Bus routes had Montgomery County Police riding because of the crime. Crime is much worse now,but no police on busses.

    1. Ride-on bus is the worst. They stop like ever 0.5 miles. Takes forever to get anywhere.

    2. I absolutely agree with you.

  2. Keep phone camera on inconspicuously and buy $10 (at least)Pepper Spray Gel."Across the eyes, come back over nose and mouth!"
    Thank Charleston White on YouTube