Friday, June 30, 2023

Da Yu Hot Pot plans scrapped on Rockville Pike

After more than three years of anticipation, it looks like Da Yu Hot Pot isn't going to open in Rockville after all. At least, not at this 1701 Rockville Pike location. Workers have removed the restaurant's logo sign from the building, and there is a dumpster out front, although there's no indication construction ever began inside. Da Yu Hot Pot may have been a victim of the pandemic, as the popular China-based chain installed its sign here on the former REI storefront in February 2020, just weeks before the first coronavirus cases in Montgomery County were reported.


  1. Rockville has enough Hot Pot and Boba Tea establishments. I want an Arby's in Rockville!!!!! They have the meats. Now I'm hungy for a Beef 'n' Cheddar.

  2. The workers seemed to have fowled the old Arbys, That space is still open... Try again with better workers.