Friday, June 2, 2023

Tequila Modern Mexican restaurant opening in Rockville

Earlier this week, the signs came down at the shuttered Chuy's in Rockville. The good news is that a sign has gone up for a new Mexican restaurant in Rockville Town Center. Tequila Modern Mexican is opening soon at 11 N. Washington Street. It is a small but rapidly-expanding chain, beginning in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and opening new locations here, and in North Carolina and Kansas. The chain is small, but the menu is not, with all of the standard dishes you would expect alongside some unique ones. 


  1. I hope is a real Mexican dishes.

  2. Do you mean replacing Trapazeria Greek in Rockville Town Square? Chuy's is down the Pike in Federal Plaza

    1. No, I never said Chuy's was at this address. I just noted that the signage had been removed from the old Chuy's building a few days before this article was written, as I reported last week.

  3. CHUEYS HAD SOME GOOD THINGS.. we need good Tex Mex in Rockville again