Friday, June 30, 2023

Rockville Arby's building fenced off (Photos)

Construction fencing has been erected around the vacant Arby's restaurant at 11710 Rockville Pike. No new tenant has been announced, and the building is still being marketed for lease. Maryland property records do not show a sale of the property as of this morning. 

A Shake Shack restaurant had been proposed for the building, but those plans were, sadly, withdrawn. That was a huge mistake by the burger chain. They would have done massive business here, especially in drive-thru sales. If I was an investor in Shake Shack, I would be screaming. At least Tom Bodett left the light on for us in the kitchen. Hopefully a smart fast food chain like Jack in the Box or In-N-Out leases this building soon.


  1. Major problem is lack of access from northbound Rockville Pike and westbound Old Georgetown. Probably why Arby's didn't make it and why Shake Shack reconsidered and pulled out.

    1. False! Northbound Pike can make a U-turn with no problem, OG can access via Popeyes entry point or SB Pike. This has been the method of access for decades. That spot must have lease limits due to the impending development associated with the Pike and Rose area plans.