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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Purse snatching in Twinbrook

Rockville police responded to a report of a forcible purse snatching in Twinbrook on March 24. The robbery was reported around 1:00 PM in the 13100 block of Atlantic Avenue in Rockville.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Anyone who walks home from the Twinbrook Metro station should be extra aware of his or her surroundings. Three women have been robbed of their purses in the Twinbrook neighborhood recently, after walking home from the Twinbrook Metro station around 8-10 PM.

All three women were walking alone; one received a head injury, and was dragged along the sidewalk until the suspect was able to get her purse. She was hospitalized for treatment. The locations of the attacks were Lemay Road and Ridgeway Avenue (December 5), Stanley Avenue and Matthews Drive (December 7), and Lemay Road and Holland Road (December 8).

The best description available of the suspect(s) currently is a 6 foot tall man wearing a dark-blue hoodie, black pants, light brown boots, and gray baseball cap with a red stripe. In each case, the suspect has assaulted the victim by striking or shoving her to the ground.

If it is necessary to walk home from the Metro station, take extra precautions and have your cellphone ready to dial 911 if necessary. Anyone who has a tip for Rockville Police in these cases, can call investigators at 240-214-8938. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Nothing too notable to report in terms of unusual crimes last weekend in Rockville. Here's a summary of incidents reported between January 26-28.

Saturday, January 26:

Burglary. 600 block East Gude Drive.

Sunday, January 27:

Assault. 7600 block Indian Hills Drive.

Assault. 1500 block Rockwood Drive.

Theft from vehicle. 100 block N. Stonestreet Avenue.

Monday, January 28

Narcotics arrest. Shady Grove Adventist Hospital.

Burglary. 200 block Frederick Avenue.

Theft. 200 block Richard Montgomery Drive.

Theft. 200 block Rollins Avenue.

Theft from vehicle. 500 block Bradford Drive.

Theft from vehicle. 400 block N. Washington Street.

Theft. Courthouse Square.

Narcotics arrest. 100 block Park Avenue.

Theft from vehicle. 1700 block E. Jefferson Street.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Criminals were busy in Rockville at the end of last week. According to crime data, there was a robbery reported in Rockville Town Center, 2 stolen cars, 2 assaults and a variety of thefts.

Here is a list of incidents:

Thursday, January 17:

Theft. 800 block of Royal Crescent at 1636 Piccard Drive.

Disorder. 800 block of College Parkway.

Disorder.  300 block of Martins Lane.

Assault.  600 block of Twinbrook Parkway.

Friday, January 18:

Theft.  15800 block of Redland Road.

Theft from vehicle. 15300 block of Frederick Road.

Theft from vehicle. 200 block of Frederick Road.

Theft. 200 block of N. Washington Street.

Robbery. Potbelly, 199 E. Montgomery Avenue.

Theft of vehicle. 600 block of Blandford Street.

Theft of vehicle. 200 block of Hardy Place.

Theft from vehicle. 1700 block of E. Jefferson Street.

Theft. 11700 block of Parklawn Drive.

Saturday, January 19:

Theft. 1200 block of 1st Street.

Disorder. 300 block of Howard Avenue.

Theft from vehicle. Wintergreen Plaza.

Theft. 1600 block of Rockville Pike.

Assault. Ritchie Center, 785 Rockville Pike.

Theft. 5200 block of Randolph Road.

Theft from vehicle. 5500 block of Randolph Road.