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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Crack cocaine bust in Rockville

Rockville City police arrested a 32-year-old man for alleged possession of crack cocaine in the Twinbrook area on September 3, 2023. The arrest was made in the 5700 block of Fishers Lane. In the course of their investigation, officers discovered the man also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Synthetic drug possession at Montgomery County government office in Rockville

Montgomery County police were called to a County-operated facility in Rockville to investigate an individual in possession of synthetic drugs on Monday evening, February 14, 2022. The call came from a County government office in the 1300 block of Piccard Drive at 5:20 PM. There are several County offices and facilities at 1301 Piccard Drive, including the Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County Child Welfare, and a crisis center. Examples of common synthetic drugs include fentanyl, bath salts and synthetic cannabinoids.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Rockville police assist U.S. marshals in arresting two at Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse

City of Rockville police assisted U.S. marshals and Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies in apprehending two men at the Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse this week, the Sheriff's Office reports. Deputies assigned to a courtroom for security in another case recognized two individuals wanted on federal charges of possession of a dangerous controlled substance, with intent to distribute.

The deputies alerted the U.S. Marshal Service and Rockville police. Personnel from both agencies responded to the scene, and the deputies then moved to successfully take both suspects into custody without incident, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says. The Rockville officers and marshals then transported the suspects to the federal court in Greenbelt.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


According to recent crime data, an assault was reported at the Quality Suites Hotel in Rockville, and a drug arrest was made at Wooton High School, both last Friday.  Disorderly conduct was reported at the Twinbrook Recreation Center last Sunday.

Here's a list of incidents around Rockville between March 1-4:

Friday, March 1:

Assault. Quality Suites Hotel, Piccard Drive.

Drug arrest. Wooton HS.

Theft. 400 block College Parkway.

Theft from vehicle. 400 N. Washington Street.

Saturday, March 2:

Robbery. XX block Congressional Lane.

Theft from vehicle. 200 block N. Adams Street.

Sunday, March 3:

Disorder. Twinbrook Recreation Center.

Theft from vehicle. 1900 block Henry Road.

Monday, March 4:

Assault. 400 block Redland Boulevard.

Theft. 500 block Elmcroft Boulevard.

Drug arrest. 12600 block Twinbrook Parkway.

Theft from vehicle. 14500 block Southlawn Lane.

Drug arrest. 1600 block E. Gude Drive.

Burglary. 300 block Crabb Avenue.

Theft from vehicle. 600 block Hungerford Drive.