Friday, March 8, 2019

Rockville police assist U.S. marshals in arresting two at Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse

City of Rockville police assisted U.S. marshals and Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies in apprehending two men at the Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse this week, the Sheriff's Office reports. Deputies assigned to a courtroom for security in another case recognized two individuals wanted on federal charges of possession of a dangerous controlled substance, with intent to distribute.

The deputies alerted the U.S. Marshal Service and Rockville police. Personnel from both agencies responded to the scene, and the deputies then moved to successfully take both suspects into custody without incident, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says. The Rockville officers and marshals then transported the suspects to the federal court in Greenbelt.


  1. You illin',stop illin'!

  2. Replies
    1. 9:34: The source was clearly mentioned in both paragraphs of the article.

    2. So Robert. You whine all the time how the Montgomery "cartel" is soft on crime but see they arrested the thugs. So are they soft or not? Or was this an inside fake crime made to look like Montgomery County isn't soft on crime?
      Yea yea that must be it. There was no real crime committed. It was all FAKE NEWS

    3. 8:23: It's not clear that these two even committed the crimes the feds were seeking them on in Montgomery County. Arrests like this are made all the time. That's different from soft-on-crime policies put into place by the Council.

      No fake news here, but an arrest of 2 federal fugitives has nothing to do with MoCo's skyrocketing violent crime rates.

  3. So when Bob scoops Bethesda Beat, it's "Source?" Really, there's no winning with you.