Tuesday, November 1, 2016

City of Rockville to experience communication outages Nov. 4-6

It's not your computer,
it's the City of Rockville
Upgrades to the City of Rockville's government communications systems will have the ironic effect of shutting those systems down during the installation work from November 4-6, 2016. Telephone, internet and WiFi will all shut down beginning at 5:00 PM this Friday. Portions of the City's websites may go down as well this weekend. Service will be restored by opening of business Monday morning, November 7.

Not affected by the outage will be 911 and the Rockville City Police Department (RCPD) non-emergency number, 240-314-8900. Rockville Channel 11 will be available on cable TV, but not to stream online, during the outage. Electronic credit card payments will not be possible at City facilities during the outage.


  1. So what else is new?

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