Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Derwood McDonald's to expand

The Derwood McDonald's at 15801 Frederick Road is planning an expansion. Under the site plan submitted by McDonald's USA, LLC to Montgomery County, the restaurant will increase in size on the lot from the current 5586 SF to 6082 SF.

The drive-thru will be changed to the dual lane design found at many McDonald's locations these days, allowing two rows of cars to line up at once. There will be "three small building additions" to the restaurant itself, and bicycle parking will be added.
McDonald's' site plan will be reviewed by the Montgomery County Planning Board on November 7, 2019. Planning staff is recommending approval of the site plan.


  1. The mystery is why Robbie isn't morbidly obese given his horrible diet and minimal physical activity.

  2. The platters of free ethnic food that other local bloggers shovel down are laden with fat, sugars and sodium.

    They're in bad shape. Free gym membership comes in handy, but are they going? Doesn't appear so.

  3. Love the site plans!!!!!!! Did you draw them?