Thursday, October 3, 2019

Okto-Bear-Fest at IT'SUGAR at Rockville Town Square

It's officially Oktoberfest season, but this year it's also Okto-Bear-Fest at IT'SUGAR at 130-B Gibbs Street at Rockville Town Square. The candy shop is featuring bear and beer-themed sweet treats all month, inviting customers to "work on your bear belly."
Among the more imaginative offerings are amber and frost-colored gummy bears, simulating beer with a thick head of foam, and sold in beer mugs. Chocolate-covered Dingle Bearies feature gummy bears again, this time in a coating chocoholics will approve of. Even Duff Beer makes an appearance.
Has anyone ever been able to find an expiration date on a can of Duff Beer? I will buy some immediately the day I can, but I have a policy against consuming any perishable food or drink that doesn't have an expiration date.


  1. Skulking about town before dawn?

    1. Trolling is the highlight of your must lead a miserable life.

    2. Whiny snowflake. I bet you voted for Clinton