Monday, October 21, 2019

Dream Aero opens, Cookie Dough & Co. closes at Westfield Montgomery Mall (Photos)

Dream Aero, an authentic Boeing 737NG flight simulator, has opened for business at Westfield Montgomery Mall. The realism is incredible, but be prepared for sticker shock. A departure on the shortest 30 minute flight will set you back a whopping $165 through October 30. Multi-session training courses are available, as well.
There's no TSA checkpoint to worry about here. Upon entering, you'll be greeted by a man in a full airline pilot uniform. Before leaving, there is an assortment of souvenir gifts available for purchase.
Hold on to your wallet - this sim is likely
only for those whose billfolds are too large
to qualify as carry-on luggage
It quickly becomes apparent that this is not going to be an arcade game for kids after a movie at ArcLight Cinemas down the hall, but more of a professional training device. For aspiring pilots in Rockville, this could be a convenient first step to earning your wings.

While Dream Aero has successfully taken off, Cookie Dough & Co. is the latest mall tenant to crash land. Their kiosk, which opened in August 2017, has closed and been cleared out.


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