Friday, October 4, 2019

Rockville construction update: New laundromat in Twinbrook (Photos)

Demolition of the FM Karaoke building and construction of a new laundromat continues at 2131 Veirs Mill Road in Rockville. When open, they'll compete with the Laundry Bag across the street.


  1. The demo started weeks ago along with the sign for a laundromat. Old news

    1. Right, Dyer had the first report on the demolition weeks ago. It was quickly plagiarized elsewhere without attribution.

    2. #scooped

      And before that, I reported on the City of Rockville relinquishing the service road out front to the property owner, from start to finish.

      I have been Master and Commander of this story from the beginning. Rockville's leading source for hyperlocal news.

  2. Remember, remember:

    "We're hearing" / "We heard" = I read it on one of Robert Dyer's sites but don't want to give him credit