Friday, October 18, 2019

King Farm Parcel Plus for sale

The Parcel Plus shipping store at King Farm Village Center in Rockville is now for sale. According to an online sales listing, the asking price for the business is $200,000. They also sell greeting cards, gift wrap and gifts, as well as offer services such as a notary public, rental mailboxes and passport photos. The owners are selling because they would like to pursue a new business venture.


  1. For $200k it's obviously not the store that's for sale. It's the business/lease.

    1. No kidding - my article clearly states "the asking price for the business..." No business in a shopping center owns its space with few exceptions, and most people are aware of this.

    2. Most people are aware that you are full of crap. You edited your original post you poor little snowflake.
      Screen captures are a wonderful thing
      Please feel free to go punch yourself

    3. 2:47: Please go ahead and upload your screen capture somewhere online so we can see it. Good luck, because you know as well as I do that I did not edit this story one bit, moron.

      This is your current M.O., as you've been so thoroughly destroyed by me in the debate on issues that you've had to resort to outright lies and insane hallucinations of late.

      Punch yourself.

  2. 5:16pm
    Right, usually in this situation it is just the business and picking up the lease. Not a real estate deal.