Thursday, October 1, 2020

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea opening Rockville location

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea
is coming to Rockville. The shop will be located at 777 Hungerford Drive, near 7-Eleven and Flagship Car Wash north of Rockville Town Center. Yi Fang has a fascinating history going back prior to World War II in Japanese-occupied Taiwan. The founder's grandmother one day added water to pineapple jam to make a cool drink for her husband, who was working in the hot weather on a pineapple farm, and ended up being credited for the invention of Taiwanese fruit tea.

All Yi Fang beverages use seasonal fruit ingredients, and jams are boiled without chemical concentrated juices. The company says their flagship fruit tea drink uses the founder's grandmother's exact recipe for a genuine Taiwanese fruit tea experience. This location will be in the space vacated by Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins late last year.

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  1. DD has a permit application approved for a stand-alone shop at the Marathon gas station in your photo. I will assume this is now on hold or expired.