Monday, April 18, 2022

Polestar electric vehicles arrive at new Rockville dealership (Photos)

The Polestar showroom is still under construction at 15401 Frederick Road in Rockville, but the first significant inventory of Polestar 2 electric vehicles has arrived on-site. Previously, individual owners could take delivery of their vehicles at this location; this is the first time that vehicles have been parked outside the dealership. 

A Polestar logo obelisk has also been erected near the street, and a logo has been placed on a fence at the side of the showroom. Previously, like the new Rivian facility down Rockville Pike, the dealership property has had no signage to indicate its existence alongside a Volvo showroom. The Polestar 2 vehicles on display are in Snow, Midnight and Thunder colors.


  1. Dealership has had construction stalled and no progress for six months now. I wonder what the problem is?