Saturday, April 9, 2022

Shady Grove Burger King reopens in Rockville (Photos)

When is the Burger King on Shady Grove Road reopening? That oft-asked question finally has an answer, as the fully-remodeled restaurant reopened today. It is offering the new food court experience the ownership sought to add to increase revenue, with Ripieno's Italian Bistro and JoJo's Express counters also inside the dining room. Burger King still has the biggest counter space. I love the menu board for Ripieno's that says, "Ripieno's of Ocean City," a nod to the bistro and pizzeria's first location inside the venerable Burger King in Ocean City, Maryland.

There's plenty of indoor seating, and you can mix and match menu items from all three restaurants. JoJo's is promoting its salads as the main draw. Ripieno's has pizzas by the pie or slice, subs, calzones, club sandwiches and cheesesteaks that are "near 1 feet long," the menu board boasts. If they could add pizzas to the drive-thru or a curbside pickup, that would be a huge revenue opportunity, I think. But for the moment, they have the benefit of a huge parking lot, with plenty of spaces to accomodate customers for all three restaurants. Stop by soon for a flame-broiled Whopper, and a taste of Ocean City!

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  1. That's the ticket, when you are struggling in the burger market and you can't afford a full lease, sublet to some hopeful local name to boost foot traffic. I can hear the clock ticking on this "food court" now. Not to mention the price, especially at this time, for a sub or steak and cheese? WOW! HARD PASS.