Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Mail stolen out of home mailbox in Derwood

Montgomery County police responded to a report of postal larceny in Derwood yesterday morning. Mail was stolen out of a mailbox in front of a home in the 16500 block of Grande Vista Drive at 10:27 AM, according to crime data. This is an increasing problem in Montgomery County, although the thefts have tended to be from USPS mailboxes, as opposed to those at individual homes. 

Criminals are typically seeking checks being mailed or received, and have a new way to erase the recipient's name, so they can write in their own name and/or amount. USPS officials have advised that postal customers place mail in USPS mailboxes as close to the collection time as possible. Customers in the Derwood and Rockville areas should be aware that such thieves are currently working the area. If your mail is stolen, call the police, and then the United States Postal Inspection Service stolen mail hotline at 1-877-876-2455. 

Photo courtesy USPS

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  1. Have noticed the same thing in my neighborhood. I don't live near Derwood. But have had a recent incident of mail that was to be placed on, "Hold" by my local P.O. However, when I went to retrieve what was supposed to be a 'batch' of mail I was mortified to find out I only had 5 or 6 pieces of mail 'saved' for me; after a 30-day hold.

    Received very lackluster response from at least one postal employee. Was even further miffed when said, postal employee tried to, UPSELL, me a service, rather than trying to find a solution to the problem. This employee was "sure" that all my postal problems would "go away" in future, "if only" I would sign up for this service. Hmm. Very disappointing / very dissatisfied service.