Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Hans Riemer endorsed by former MD governor Parris Glendening in Montgomery County Executive race

Former Maryland Governor Parris Glendening (D) has endorsed Montgomery County Councilmember Hans Riemer (D - At-Large) for County Executive. A video message from the two-term former governor supporting Riemer will be released this morning. Riemer's campaign cites the endorsement as the first from a current or former statewide leader for any candidate in the executive race.

Prior to his gubernatorial career, Glendening served as County Executive in Prince George's County. “As a three-term former County Executive," Glendening said in a statement this morning. "I know what the position takes. I know that Hans has the ideas and experience to create a more prosperous, connected, and inclusive Montgomery County.” The former governor touts Riemer as "a visionary with a record of success."

By the time Glendening left the governor's mansion in Annapolis, he was known for championing smart growth. In his video message, Glendening says Riemer is "carrying the smart growth vision forward. When I was governor, there was no Pike & Rose. We were not building housing on top of Metro. The idea of a Purple Line Innovation Corridor was just a pipe dream." Glendening says he was impressed with Riemer's emails to constituents during the long construction of the Purple Line, and would often discuss the project with the councilman. 

Combined with Riemer's $725,000 fundraising haul in the first quarter of 2022, which was approximately double what incumbent executive Marc Elrich's raised, his campaign is feeling a new sense of momentum in the race. “These past few weeks have shown us one thing: our campaign has the momentum and energy to decisively win this thing,” Campaign Manager Aziz Yakub said. He observed that the more than 1,100 grassroots campaign donors responsible for the fundraising success are now being joined by establishment figures like Glendening. “We’ve always known that Hans has a record and vision that speaks to the electorate," Yakub said. "Now, we’re seeing that real institutional forces in Maryland politics, like Governor Glendening, know that Hans has a clear path to victory. When Governor Glendening speaks, people listen.”

Riemer faces Elrich, David Blair and Peter James in the July 19 Democratic primary. Republicans Shelly Skolnick and Reardon Sullivan are competing for the GOP nomination.

Image via Hans Riemer for County Executive

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