Sunday, July 2, 2023

Former mayor Susan Hoffmann endorses Adam Van Grack in Rockville City Council race

Rockville City Council candidate Adam Van Grack has received the endorsement of former Rockville mayor Susan Hoffmann. A Rockville native and founding partner of the Longman & Van Grack law firm, Van Grack is the son of another former Rockville mayor, Steven Van Grack. The elder Van Grack is legendary for his famous man vs. car race up Rockville Pike, that drove home how bad development-fueled traffic congestion was becoming in the mid-80s, but is also remembered for directing that a report dispelling myths about AIDS be mailed to all Rockville residents at a time when many politicians were ignoring the issue. In recent years, Steven Van Grack cited that decision as one of the actions he was most proud of during his 1985-1987 mayoral term.

A Rockshire neighborhood resident and member of the Rockville Chamber of Commerce, Adam Van Grack is calling for more transparency and communication from city government to residents. He is suggesting the next Mayor and Council hold more town hall meetings in neighborhoods around the city. Having served as a gubernatorial appointee to the Maryland Juvenile Justice Advisory Council, Van Grack is also making public safety a priority issue in his Council campaign. This would include hiring more police officers, and providing financial assistance to residents and businesses who might otherwise not be able to afford security cameras.

Van Grack is also focusing on one of the biggest hot-button issues in the city, the struggling Town Center area. He is recommending increased housing density and changing the parking configuration, but also cutting off taxpayer subsidies for some businesses in the Town Center.

"I support Adam Van Grack for Rockville City Council," Hoffmann said at a Van Grack campaign event, calling him part of "the new leadership of Rockville's future!" The City Council will expand in size with this November's election, from five to seven seats. Hoffmann has remained politically active since leaving office, at both the city and county levels, most recently as a candidate for the vacant District 17 seat in the Maryland House of Delegates.

Photo courtesy Friends of Adam Van Grack


  1. Rockville should have it’s own school district. Secede from MCPS.

  2. Gail - Congratulations..Adam seems to be doing very well! Hoorah!

  3. So as I am here and look to my right I SEE NOTHING BUT CRIME AND ASSAULTS EVERYWHERE... SHOPPING SPORTS GAS STATIONS APTS.. all you must enable crime fighting to do their jobs..