Thursday, July 6, 2023

Daboba tea shop to hold grand opening in Rockville

is getting ready for a busy two days this upcoming weekend in Rockville. The Malaysia-based bubble tea chain will celebrate the grand opening of its newest store in the Talbott Center at 1079 Rockville Pike this Saturday, July 8, 2023 and Sunday, July 9. On Saturday, Daboba's first 50 customers will receive a free drink, and the next 50 customers will be offered a buy-one-get-one-free deal. The first 100 customers on Sunday will receive "free gifts." 

After 3:00 PM on Sunday, you will be able to get any of their Honey Golden Pearl series drinks for 50% off if you purchase one of their Roasted Brown Sugar series beverages. One complication for those eager to be first in line is that Daboba has not yet announced its operating hours. Most of their US stores open at 11:00 AM, except the Midwest stores, which seem to open at noon.

Top photo:
Middle, bottom photos courtesy Daboba


  1. My eyes are floating and I'm getting a case of tea brains from the number of tea shops in the area. Enough already!

    1. This place looks great. If folks are willing to risk their own money to set up shop and sell something, it’s probably because they see a demand for it. If you don’t like tea don’t buy it, but don’t act like folks putting themselves out there and start a business is an eyesore or anything but a pretty good thing. Rockville Pike is full of dreams coming true and crashing down—don’t hate.

    2. You should try looking up the word "Plethora", which is what my comment was aiming to portray. However, your dogmatic mind saw hate, and only hate. There comes a point of loss of interest in a particular trend called the saturation point, and IMHO this trend has reached, or should I say gone beyond that point. Many have the investment funds to back a whim and see it go bust, simply because the think their mouse trap is sooo much better. This trap is still not my cup of tea, and hopefully it will jump the shark forever. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

    3. These bubble tea places keep springing up due to the demographics, but also cause you can charge $7 for a tea that costs $50 cents to make.

  2. Real fruit or bust.