Thursday, July 27, 2023

Last 4 days of Bed Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby in Rockville

The final countdown to closure is on at Bed Bath & Beyond at 1519 Rockville Pike and Buy Buy Baby at 1683 Rockville Pike. Both stores will close forever in just 4 days. As you can see from the signs in these photos, the savings are at the maximum now, with both stores touting 70-90% off the entire store. Just don't expect fully-stocked shelves overflowing with merchandise at this point.

Both brands may still have a future ahead: bought the Bed Bath & Beyond brand, and will rename itself...Bed Bath & Beyond. New Jersey company Dream on Me won the auction for the Buy Buy Baby IP - and then proceeded to acquire the leases of 11 Buy Buy Baby stores. But no word yet if we'll finally learn what the "Beyond" is.

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  1. Don't bother, there is literally nothing left except a few shelves.