Monday, July 31, 2023

Rockville Wegmans opening delayed to 2025 (Photos)

With construction of the Phase 1 building of Twinbrook Quarter rounding into the home stretch at Rockville Pike and Halpine Road, many including me assumed interior fit-out of the Wegmans grocery store in the ground floor would begin before the end of the year, and that the Wegmans would open in 2024. But the Rockville Wegmans is now anticipated to open in 2025. Here's a look at the latest stage of construction at the site:


  1. So was there an actual change in the delivery/opening date, or did you just make an assumption without actually doing any research?

  2. There is actually a sign on Rockville Pike in front of the building saying see you in 2025

  3. I drive 30 miles to the wegmans in germantown so now I have to wait 2 years for this store to open. I hope Im still alive to enjoy wegmans