Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Kate Fulton launches campaign for Rockville City Council

Kate Fulton
has entered the 2023 race for Rockville City Council. A 13-year resident of the city, she and her family live in the West End neighborhood. In addition to raising a family with a history of involvement in community and charitable events, Fulton has extensive professional experience as a government operations executive. Beginning her campaign with an event at her home attended by 50 friends and neighbors, Fulton outlined three priorities she would focus on if elected: Equitable and effective government, public safety and strong infrastructure, and economic and environmental sustainability. 

It has often been noted that some communities in the city are underrepresented on City boards and commissions, or haven't been engaged in public outreach. Fulton says she will use her experience in building coalitions and consensus to ensure the voices of all Rockville residents are heard before difficult decisions are made. She said she would focus on preserving small businesses, affordable housing and trees and green space as the city continues to grow and develop.

“Many issues we discuss nationally are impacting life in Rockville," Fulton told attendees at the campaign kick-off event. “Housing, climate, the economy. I believe that we can address these issues here at home, but it takes strategic thinking, strong decision making, and input from all of Rockville.”

“I think about Rockville the way I think about my own children,” Fulton explained. “I am proud of my children, but I don’t want to freeze them in time. I want to make decisions that allow them to grow and reach their full potential. Rockville should be taking a similar approach to itself. Evaluating and making decisions that to benefit the most people for the longest amount of time.”

Photo courtesy Committee to Elect Kate Fulton

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