Thursday, July 20, 2023

New Rockville townhome community draws inspiration from adjacent historic farm

One of the last remaining vestiges of Rockville's agricultural history is inspiring a future townhome community beginning construction next door. Developer EYA has decided on Farmstead District as the branding for the new community, which will rise on the former site of King Buick GMC at 16200 Frederick Road. A logo for the development somewhat resembles rows of crops as seen from above. Promotional banners for the Farmstead District have been placed on construction fencing around the site.

One can still see original farm buildings at the public King Farm Farmstead park at 16100 Frederick Road. The King dealership has just been demolished, and the property has been annexed into the City of Rockville.

EYA is playing up the farm theme with the tagline "A fresh take on the modern neighborhood." W. Lawson King acquired the farm in 1925, local historical preservation group Peerless Rockville says. He added surrounding farmland to create the 403-acre Irvington Farm, which at one point boasted the largest population of Holstein cows in the world, Miriam Bunow wrote for Peerless. Irvington was a milk supplier for Thompson's Dairy, a household name in the D.C. area for older generations. The heritage of the site will now be shared by Farmstead District residents and their neighbors at the King Farm development.


  1. I'm somewhat interested. Tho 1. It feeds into bottom-tier Gaithersburg HS (though maybe that'll change once Crown HS opens) and 2. It's literally across from the dump and surely reeks every now and then, depending on wind direction. If EYA tries getting $900k+ a TH I suspect some might pay it, but they'd be fools as I don't think the resale market will support it at all.

  2. Hmmm…interesting perspective from the prior commenter. I’m intrigued, and considering moving from a SFH in 20814. I need to learn more about the crime rate in King Farm and at Shady Grove. Something tells me all of MoCo and DC will be gifted the same crime rate, so if that is the case, I’d rather live in a new build in a new community. I’ve followed EYA for decades, since they built their first townhouse project near CourtHouse Metro in Arlington.