Sunday, September 10, 2023

Rockville Chuck E. Cheese moving to White Flint Plaza (Photos)

Chuck E. Cheese
is relocating in White Flint. It will be moving from Loehmann's Plaza over to White Flint Plaza at 5238 Nicholson Lane. A new address and new logo won't be the only changes, however.

The pizza chain and birthday party headquarters is updating all of its locations to add an "interactive dance floor," where live concerts with Chuck and and other characters will take place every half hour. Other updates include Pass & Play bands instead of the iconic tokens, E-tickets replacing paper tickets, touchless payment options like Google Play and Apple Pay, self-service kiosks and mobile table ordering.

Signage has been installed at the new location. Chuck E. Cheese has also been added to the White Flint Plaza tenant sign out front. Here's a look at the construction inside the future location, and a last look at the current Chuck E. Cheese at Loehmann's Plaza:


  1. How long has that Chuck E Cheese been in Loehmanns Plaza? Chuck E Cheese Gaithersburg location closed a few years ago after almost 40 years in business.