Monday, September 18, 2023

Rockville Wegmans construction update (Photos)

Work continues to advance at the construction site of the future Rockville Wegmans grocery store at the Twinbrook Quarter development at the corner of Halpine Road and Rockville Pike. While the exterior continues to look closer to the finish line, nothing has been constructed on the grocery store's interior yet. Developer B.F. Saul says it will turn the shell of the grocery store space over to Wegmans' interior fit-out contractor in the early spring of 2024. As I reported previously, the supermarket will open in 2025.

Regrading of the road surface of Halpine at Chapman Avenue is now underway, and is expected to continue for a few weeks. Stacks of Belden pre-blended bricks can be seen at the site. The brick facade of the building is now about 85% complete, according to B. F. Saul. Storefront spaces should be enclosed by the end of 2022. Contractors have begun tarring the roof.

While no work has been done on the Wegmans interior, the same cannot be said for the apartment building interior. Drywall is now being installed in the residential units on the second floor. Installers will progress upward to higher floors as the fall season goes on.


  1. Beautiful new apartment building with a bare concrete shell attached to it. Thanks for nothing B. F. Saul and Wegman's.

  2. Notice that the "podium" for the future office building was constructed but that there is no actual construction of the office high-rise portion of the site

    1. Notice that you have no clue about phased development.

  3. Bare concrete with a chain-link fence around it means someone can't or won't pay.

  4. Interesting choice of brick colors. Kindof loud for this area.