Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Police called after assault at Rockville grocery store

Rockville City police were called to a grocery store in the King Farm community on Friday afternoon, May 3, 2024, after someone reported having been the victim of a 2nd-degree assault there. The assault was reported at 4:00 PM Friday at the Safeway store at 403 Redland Boulevard. That is in the King Farm Village Center.


  1. Police needs to be more present

  2. Not much MCPD presence anywhere these days. Loud exhausts, windows tinted black, 100mph sportbikes etc, etc. No cops anywhere. Good time to be a criminal.

    1. It be dat defund the po po thang.

  3. Why be a police officer in this country? If you get assaulted during an arrest there is good chance of being prosecuted for defending yourself. You get what you vote for.

  4. I agree, Police are the most heroic and important public servants we have.Their job is incredibly dangerous and violent and they get put in prison for doing their job. Four Police officers were shot and killed last week on the same call.The media should be ashamed for helping destroy the publics trust in the Police and elevating criminals into Saints.Sad times we live in.

  5. People complain but they continue to vote for the party that demoralized the police and encouraged defunding while being soft on crime.