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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Police called after assault at Rockville rec center

Rockville City police were called to a recreation facility in an industrial area of the city late Sunday afternoon, January 7, 2024, after someone reported having been the victim of a 2nd-degree assault there. The assault was reported at a facility in the unit block of Southlawn Court at 5:51 PM Sunday. There are several athletic facilities on that block. 

Friday, September 29, 2023

Strong-arm robbery in Rockville

Rockville City police responded to a report of a strong-arm robbery in the Southlawn industrial area early Wednesday morning, September 27, 2023. The robbery was reported in the 1300 block of E. Gude Drive at 2:23 AM Wednesday. 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Rockville brewery hosting ribbon-cutting for city's new Rock East District September 11

Rockville's True Respite Brewing Company is hosting a ribbon-cutting event on September 11, 2021 to celebrate the launch of the city's newly-designated Rock East District. The brewery business is located in the East Gude Drive corridor between MD 355 and Norbeck Road, which is receiving the new branding and promotion push. Marketing efforts include a new website.

The event will be a Maker's Market running from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with the ribbon-cutting taking place at 11:00 AM. True Respite will introduce a Rock East District-themed collaboration with fellow Rock East District businesses Saints Row Brewing and Mayorga Coffee. Food will be provided by Giacomo's Brick Oven Pizza. More vendors will be announced between now and the event.

A portion of the proceeds from beer sales at the event will be donated to the Tree House Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County, which promotes healing for child and adolescent victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect. True Respite is located at 7301 Calhoun Place.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Rockville expected to add new Rock East District

Rockville's Mayor and Council may officially designate a new district within the City at its meeting on Monday, July 19, 2021. Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) has formally submitted a request that elected officials declare the East Gude Drive corridor as the "Rock East District." If the Mayor and Council approve Monday night, REDI will fund and install pole banners along East Gude Drive for a targeted formal launch of the branding in September. Banners, signage and other branding materials will illustrate the breweries, "trendy shopping" and recreational opportunities found along the industrial-oriented corridor.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Clear Skies Meadery coming to Rockville

Clear Skies Meadery
is coming to Rockville. They will be located at 15201 Display Court, in the Southlawn industrial area. Their new facility will include on-site production of mead, office space, and a tasting area. Clear Skies Meadery has an existing location at 325 Main Street in Gaithersburg.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

New Rockville Dunkin' offering Tap System Tuesdays through March 9

Rockville's newest Dunkin', which opened recently at 14801 Southlawn Drive, is offering a special Tap System Tuesdays promotion every Tuesday through March 9, 2021. For $2, guests can order a Small Cold Brew or Nitro Cold Brew served from the restaurant’s Premium Pours tap system.

You may notice from the photos that the design of this Dunkin building is unique compared to other locations. The differences are more than cosmetic. This location is 25% more energy efficient than the standard Dunkin' store design. It has digital ordering kiosks inside the store, and the fastest-ever Dunkin' drive-thru experience using the Dunkin' app.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Assault at Rockville bus stop

City of Rockville police responded to a report of an aggravated assault at a bus stop yesterday afternoon. The victim reported being assaulted at a bus stop on Taft Street around 2:41 PM.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

New scrap metal furnace proposed for Southlawn Lane in Rockville

The Maryland Department of Environment says it is poised to issue a construction permit for a new metal reclamation furnace at Montgomery Scrap Corporation, located at 15000 Southlawn Lane in Rockville. A US Furnaces MAX 4000SP Secondary Aluminium Sweat Furnace, it is rated at 5MMBtu/hr heat input, and will be fueled by natural gas or propane. MDE says it is a replacement for an existing furnace.

To request a public meeting regarding the air quality impacts of the furnace, residents or other concerned parties must write to MDE within 20 days of the department's February 18 announcement of the potential permit approval. Public comments on the proposed furnace can also be sent to the same mailing address (within 30 days, or 5 days after a hearing if one is requested), which is Ms. Shannon Heafey, Air Quality Permits Program, Air & Radiation Administration, 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland 21230.

Anyone who would like to review the application, draft permit, and other supporting documents, can request Docket # 03-19 at the Rockville Memorial Library at Rockville Town Square.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Comment period extended for proposed East Rockville asphalt crushing plant

The public will have an additional 60 days to comment on the proposed M. Luis Company asphalt crushing and screening plant at 14900 Old Dover Road in Rockville. This comment period will close on October 6, 2017.

Comments may be sent by U.S. Mail to Maryland Department of the Environment, Air Quality Permits Program, 1800 Washington Boulevard, Suite 720, Baltimore, MD 21230-1720 or emailed to

If you were unable to attend the July 19 public hearing, and have questions beyond what is covered in that report or my previous report, a docket with full information on the project is available for review at the Rockville Memorial Library in Rockville Town Square.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Noise, traffic, dust, lack of community engagement top concerns about proposed East Rockville asphalt crushing plant

About forty Rockville residents, community leaders and City officials attended a public hearing last night, regarding the asphalt crushing plant proposed for 14900 Old Dover Road in East Rockville. Natalia Luis, Chairman and COO of applicant M. Luis Products, Co., and company President David Slaughter said locating the plant in Rockville would eliminate 5000 annual truck trips through the city. Nearby residents expressed concerns about noise, dust, odors, traffic and a lack of notification of the proposed plant.

The crushing plant recycles asphalt, which can be up to 30% of the material mixture M. Luis uses as road surfacing. Luis said the firm limits recycled asphalt to 30% because using much more than that would produce weaker material that would not meet the company's high standards for durability. She said that as a small, family-owned firm, M. Luis has difficulty obtaining a steady, sustainable supply of recycled material, so it is "better to do it ourselves." M. Luis is currently the only women-owned, minority-owned asphalt business in America, and has received recognition from Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump in recent years.

Slaughter told attendees that M. Luis currently has to either crush asphalt in a cramped space at their property on Southlawn Lane, or send it as one of those 5000 truckloads to a crushing plant in Laurel. He said they leased the Old Dover Road site from the current junkyard tenant, and have cleaned it up, getting rid of tractor trailers, cars and auto parts languishing on-site. Slaughter added that M. Luis would like to buy the property in the future, if possible. Luis expressed pride in the appearance of the company's other properties and promised this one would be held to the same standards.

The plant would have two full-time employees, and crush about 60,000-70,000 tons of recycled material annually, Slaughter estimated. A new crushing machine has been purchased by the company. He and Luis said they will make every effort to require trucks coming and going to use Gude Drive instead of N. Horners Lane through the adjacent residential neighborhood.

Residents were most concerned that they, and their civic associations, had not been alerted by the company about the proposed plant. Alexandra Dace Denito, VP of the Lincoln Park Civic Association, said she and the association received no notice of last night's hearing, nor of a previous meeting in March. "I find it disturbing there has been no outreach to the community," resident Susan Clemons said.

Rockville Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton suggested to the Maryland officials presiding over the hearing that the state add a new requirement that future industrial applicants contact City officials including the City Manager, appropriate department heads, and all residents within a 2-mile radius of a proposed site. She noted that over the decades, the City has "not done a good job protecting this neighborhood. There's more we can do."

One Lincoln Park resident criticized the company for not considering what else is around a site they plan to operate on. She discounted the promised reduction in truck traffic, saying they would still have to contend with trucks cutting through the residential neighborhood to reach the site. Slaughter and Luis both promised to do everything they could to enforce the Gude-only access policy. Newton urged them to not only forbid trucks to use N. Horners, but to stipulate that in their subcontracting contracts, which would help the City enforce the ban.

Another resident said her main concern was seeing or hearing the plant. Slaughter said there is no odor from a crushing plant, only from an asphalt manufacturing plant. Luis explained there is no dust issue, because the liquid asphalt has already bound and encased the solid material in the mixture. She said dust complaints at the company's former Baltimore site were actually caused by an adjacent concrete plant, which a City Councilman mistakenly blamed on them.

Dace Denito said she lives just slightly over 1000' from the proposed plant site, and already suffers from the daily impacts of other industrial businesses nearby. She asked the company to consider that there is an elementary school nearby, as well as a heavily-used community center.

"What is the worst case scenario?" asked Suzan Pitman, President of the East Rockville Civic Association, regarding potential air pollution disasters at the future plant. She gave a fire as an example. Many scientists live in the neighborhood, Pitman said, and they have been warning of potential air pollutants in such a scenario. 

An air quality specialist with M. Luis said that while vapor can be emitted from burning asphalt, scientists currently do not consider such emissions as a cancer-causing agent. She added that the EPA recently delisted asphalt plants from the federal "major sources of air toxins" list.

Since some objections and concerns were raised during the hearing, the state will now review those comments and produce a report responding to them. Parties of record will be notified of the report, and it will also be announced in a local newspaper. If the resident concerns are found to be legitimate in the state's view, the permit will not be issued. If the state finds the concerns without merit, they will issue the permit for the plant, and residents can file a legal challenge to the permit in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Asphalt crushing plant proposed for Rockville

M. Luis Products Company has proposed constructing and operating a reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) crushing and screening plant at 14900 Old Dover Road in Rockville. The Maryland Department of the Environment, Air and Radiation Management Administration (ARMA) has completed a review of the company's application, and is tentatively set to approve it.

But first, ARMA is hosting a public hearing to get community feedback on the proposed plant. The plant will crush 220 tons of reclaimed asphalt per hour, and be powered by two diesel engines. A public hearing will be held on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 6:30 PM, at the County Council Office Building, at 100 Maryland Avenue in Rockville, in the 7th floor Hearing Room. You will be able to speak at the hearing.

The closest homes to the plant are on Moore Drive - a fair distance away, but the ARMA announcement does not state the decibel level of the crushing machinery. You can read the M. Luis application, and ARMA's report, at the Rockville Memorial Library at 21 Maryland Avenue, Suite 310. Ask for "Docket #02-17."