Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Research Row seeks parking reduction

Rockville's newest shopping center isn't even complete yet, and the owner is already seeking to eliminate 96 of the parking spaces required under city code. Research Row argues that they are currently overparked, given that the research building on-site operates with fewer employees than a general office building would. In a filing with the city, the developer notes that Montgomery County offers a lower parking requirement for such research laboratory office buildings than for general office uses.

The developer also wants to convert some of their approved office space to restaurant use, including a full-service restaurant and a carryout restaurant. There is already a Chik-fil-A operating on the property.

City zoning chief Jim Wasilak is recommending the Planning Commission grant the parking reduction, noting that while there's no guarantee the office building will not someday convert to general office use, that its laboratory floorplans make it highly unlikely. Commissioners will take up the parking reduction request at their meeting tomorrow night, January 9, 2019 at 7:00 PM at City Hall.


  1. The paint isn't even dry and they are complaining? I will sign-up to oppose this change. Well the county has a lower requirement, you didn't go to the county with your project, you came to the city, deal with it. I don't know how many readers are aware of the very tight parking spaces in retail shopping areas in MoCo as opposed to Rockville or Gaithersburg, but it's ridiculous.

    1. I agree with the above comment. Parking in this area is an absolute nightmare. There aren’t enough spots and the spots that are there are too small. I cannot get my baby out of the car in her infant carrier. Businesses have lost my money many times because I’ve given up on finding a spot after circling for so long.