Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Rockville's Lockheed Martin Distributed Energy Solutions acquired by TRC Cos.

TRC Companies, a Northern Virginia-based engineering consulting firm, has acquired Lockheed Martin Distributed Energy Solutions of Rockville. LM-DES provides services to some of the top electric and gas utilities nationwide, TRC said in its announcement this morning.

“This acquisition positions us to capitalize on a fast-evolving energy market and continue to meet the growing needs of our clients," TRC CEO Chris Vincze said this morning. "The move reinforces our strategic growth strategy and advances our ability to deliver innovative, fully integrated solutions for any Advanced Energy project.”

LM-DES' Roger Flanagan will become Senior Vice-President for Advanced Energy at TRC as part of the deal. The former Lockheed division has 400 employees spread across nearly a dozen states.

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