Friday, November 29, 2019

Kyoto Matcha opening today in Rockville

Kyoto Matcha Dessert is opening today at 33 Maryland Avenue at Rockville Town Square. This is a soft opening for Black Friday, for a special treat in-between doorbuster missions. Kyoto Matcha's desserts promote both matcha tea culture and traditional Japanese tea culture, the company says.
Their matcha tea is sourced from the Uji Matcha Supply Factory in Japan. Their philosophy is that of the modern expert on matcha, Mr. Matsushita, who advocates we "Let the tea return to the forest" - experiencing the beauty of the forest through the flavor of fine matcha tea.


  1. Saw your Thanksgiving YouTube entry. Looks like you were all alone. That can’t be healthy for your psyche.

  2. Photo #2 looks like they have an extensive array of "sweets"?? Along with a teen hang out that rivals the "Peach Pit", I'm sure they will last a long time.

  3. They'll close down around March. Federal realty curse will continue...