Friday, November 8, 2019

Golden Samovar contents to be auctioned off next week

A "3-year new upscale restaurant is shutting its doors and making a complete, urgent liquidation. Rockville, Maryland," states an online auction listing. The photographs appear to match Golden Samovar at Rockville Town Square. According to the listing, the auction will take place online on November 13, and items will be removed the next day.

Among the 183 items listed are bar equipment, four microwaves, the cash register, the "Open" sign, chandeliers, the chairs, the tables, the booths, sinks, stoves, refrigerators, and even a butane torch and the swinging door to the kitchen.


  1. Mellow Mushroom closed to much fanfare last September.

  2. The place was always empty. Probably decided to move the money laundromat elsewhere

  3. It wasn't always empty. When it was open it was always buzzing with activity on Friday and Saturday nights. Many Russian/central Asian folks would visit the place wearing formal clothing.