Sunday, January 26, 2020

THRōW Social DC and Kick Axe Throwing opening in DC's Ivy City

The District continues to clean Montgomery County's clock in nightlife. THRōW Social DC and Kick Axe Throwing will be the newest addition to DC's nighttime economy when they soft-open January 31, 2020 at 1403 Okie St. NE. Their official grand opening will be on February 6. The 22000 SF facility will include five curling rinks and six FootBowl (a game that combines football and bowling) "ranges" on the former's upper floor, and twelve axe-hurling ranges on the lower floor.
The Aspen lodge-themed
Kick Axe Throwing
The founder of D.C.'s Escape Room Live, Ginger Flesher-Sonnier, is opening the D.C. THRōW and Kick-Axe location. Come with enough players for a team (eight), or the venue will help by pairing you with other smaller groups and individuals.
Axe ranges - Gilius Thunderhead
would be proud!
Kick Axe is far from the first axe-throwing enterprise in the District, but the upscale ski lodge aesthetic promises to set it apart. THRōW takes a decidedly different tack, themed around a Palm Beach tropical concept. It features a standard Las Vegas nightclub/dayclub feature you won't find in Montgomery County - cabanas.
A nightlife venue with cabanas?
You're definitely not in MoCo!
Kick Axe Throwing and THRōW Social DC will be open Wednesdays and Thursdays, 3:00-11:00 PM; Fridays and Saturdays, noon-2:00 AM; and Sundays, 11:00 AM-9:00 PM. THRōW is open to all ages; Kick Axe is open to everyone age 8 and older (children are offered foam axes to throw). Kick Axe patrons must wear closed toe shoes, and high heels are prohibited there. Expect to pay $29 per person for an hour of each gaming experience.

If you haven't been to Ivy City recently, you won't recognize the revitalized neighborhood near Route 50 and an Amtrak maintenance facility. Top-rated restaurants include La Puerta Verde and Ivy City Smokehouse. The latter has a rooftop deck. Other highlights include City Winery, Target and Nike Community Store. The nearby Echostage is a nighttime destination for many a young Montgomery County resident, after 18 nightspots closed in Bethesda alone following the County Council's disastrous Nighttime Economy Task Force debacle earlier this decade.

Photos courtesy Kick Axe Throwing and THRōW Social DC