Friday, January 24, 2020

Rockville Deputy City Clerk search begins

Rockville needs a new Deputy City Clerk. Deputy City Clerk Niles Anderegg "is no longer an employee with the City of Rockville," according to city spokesperson Marylou Berg. Anderegg's exit cannot be further commented upon by the City, as it is a personnel matter.

Berg said the city will soon begin a competitive recruitment process to fill the vacancy. Anderegg had served since March 11, 2019.


  1. Clear and simple, Anderegg was fired because, as the only competent person in the city clerk's office, he was a threat to the highly incompetent city clerk, Sara Taylor Farrell. He was summarily fired without cause. Also, Farrell wants to replace Anderegg with former city council member and failed mayoral candidate, Virginia Onley. God help us.

  2. Not even a full year he served, correct?

    1. Yep, he was there for a little over 9 months.

  3. @ 12:29 "Sista's Club" Leftist version of Diamond and Silk?

  4. Very sad to hear that someone of Niles' competence and integrity is no longer with the city. Ms. Ferrell must feel threatened by competent people and so does whatever she can to move them out. Rockville tax-payers deserve better than this. When is City Hall going to go through a well-deserved house-cleaning of incompetence - hope sooner rather than later. The risk is additional competent people will go where they are valued and respected.