Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Boardroom Salon for Men opening Rockville location

Men in the White Flint area will soon have another barbershop and grooming option. Boardroom Salon for Men will be opening a location at Montrose Crossing shopping center. The upscale barbershop has spread to 40 locations in 5 states since it began in Texas. At Montrose Crossing, it will fill the last vacant space in the property's newest Rockville Pike-facing structure between Slapfish and the AT&T Store.
In addition to haircuts and other salon services, you'll find complimentary beverages, chessboards, pool tables, televisions, dark wood paneling and plush leather chairs designed to create an upscale environment. Optional membership programs will give you unlimited haircuts at a discount rate over the life of the term you choose.
“Boardroom is a recognized leader and innovator in quality men’s grooming, with a mission to help men ‘relax, look great, and feel confident’ –they will fill a real niche for Rockville’s dense business and residential communities with their unique take on experiential service, adding to the convenience of Montrose Crossing as a shopping destination,” Federal Realty Director of Asset Management Kari Glinski said Monday.


  1. Did you ever think about do a podcast from a different location each week? Think of all the listeners you could get. You could pick a new business or restaurant each week. People would line up to come see it and tons of people would tune in on there mobile devices

  2. That's the best damned joke I've heard all year. ROTFLMAO!!

    1. Hey it has been a difficult day at work and we could all use a little levity