Thursday, April 30, 2020

Rockville City Centre sold

One of the larger shopping centers in Rockville has changed hands. Rockville City Centre, home to a Giant grocery store, Popeyes and other popular tenants, was sold to Wheaton Properties of Maryland, LLC, a shell company established in Aspen Hill. According to Maryland real estate records, the property sold for $7 million - quite low considering the redevelopment potential here, at the intersection of MD 355 and N. Washington Street on the edge of Rockville's Town Center.

The seller was Tafida Associates. This site was once home to one of the DC area's famous Hechinger hardware stores, known as "The World's Most Unusual Lumber Yards."


  1. The redevelopment options here are indeed huge. This is within walking-distance to Metro - a huge plus.

    It will be interesting to see if this company acquires the strip to the north (up to "Frederick Avenue"). That would be a huge parcel and a great opportunity.

    The Giant store there now is about as sad-looking as the Hechinger on in its waning days. This survives only because there is no serious competitor close by. If the Wegman's goes in near Twinbrook that will change things dramatically.

  2. Oh wow! I didn't know the giant prop was owned by the same entity. $M7 is very modest. I'm guessing the lot will be razed and redeveloped.