Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Rockville homicide stemmed from argument, police say

A fatal stabbing in Rockville last night has led to an arrest, and is under investigation by Montgomery County police detectives. Deonte Foreman, 21, of Rockville was stabbed outside his home in the 10100 block of Reprise Drive around 9:21 PM Monday night. Police arrived after someone called 911 to report a shooting at that location. Officers found Foreman suffering from multiple stab wounds, and attempted to provide medical assistance until County Fire and Rescue personnel arrived, but Foreman was ultimately pronounced dead at the scene.

Demarco Rayford, 26, of Gaithersburg was arrested at the scene. Detectives allege that Foreman and Rayford had an argument, which escalated into an altercation. During that fight, police allege that Rayford stabbed Foreman multiple times. Rayford has been charged with 2nd degree murder; police have not yet provided a mugshot of Rayford.

The location of the homicide is near the Gaithersburg border, directly adjacent to the Crown Farm development.  Police say their investigation is ongoing.


  1. Terrible. Gaithersburg used to he such a nice place.

  2. RIP. This isn't Gaithersburg, 1137. Tho it is adjacent to downtown Crown which is part of Gaithersburg - and is certainly a "nice place" by anyone's definition.

  3. Well,I grew up approximately 2 miles from where this happened and that was Gaithersburg, so it's close enough. I seem to remember q few years ago a woman trying to drown her disabled child in the lake at RIO right across the street from Crown Farm,so I wouldn't go so far as to day it's a "nice place" by anyone's definition. It's certainly gone down hill with much of the rest of Montgomery County.

    1. This type of incident can happen right in your own backyard, so you shouldn't be so judgemental and condecending, this could happen to you.

  4. You don't think RIO is nice, either? You must be fun a parties. Enlighten us about what makes a place "nice." Because right now it sounds like you think anywhere that something bad happened or almost happened at any point in time is a "bad place," but you can't actually be that dumb, right?

  5. There have been shootings at Crown Farm,attempted drownings at RIO,Montgomery County police cars vandalized in front of the apartment where the office lives in RIO.Lol! No,I really don't think RIO is a nice place at all.I think it's a pretty dangerous place honestly.