Friday, March 18, 2022

The People's Convoy truckers roll down MD 355 through Montgomery County to D.C. (Video+Photos)

The People's Convoy trucker protest took a new route into Montgomery County today, down MD 355 and through downtown Bethesda. Truckers blasted their horns, while making slow progress through clogged traffic and frequent red lights along Wisconsin Avenue this afternoon. Some protesters were in regular vehicles, and also honked their horns. Particpants in the protest have stayed in Hagerstown since arriving on March 4, and have been venturing into D.C. after initially limiting their action to circling the Capital Beltway.


  1. I wonder if these guys have orange hair underneath their red MAGA hats ??

    They're not making anything great, though. "Grate" - yes. "Great" - no

  2. That be only one truck!where the people is?

  3. Morons protesting mandates that were already lifted. I am sure they are bitching and moaning about the price of gas after haven driven from across the country and are now driving around her doing nothing but wasting more gas. Go home and get back to work!!!