Friday, March 18, 2022

Rockville Planning Commission to discuss new parkland requirements for developers

Anderson Park in Rockville

The Rockville Planning Commission will discuss a proposed update to parkland requirements for developments that include more than 25 multifamily, 20 townhouse or attached, or 15 single-family home units. Non-residential developments with 5000 square feet or more of floor space would also be under the new requirements. Options under discussion will include dedication of land, fees-in-lieu-of dedication and impact fees.

When the Mayor and Council discussed the issue, they came up with several recommendations for the new park requirement rules. They suggested the Parks impact fee apply to the affected non-residential projects. The impact fee should be only 75% of what was recommended by a fiscal consultant to the City, to reduce costs for developers. Impact fees should be indexed to the Engineering News Record's Capital Cost Index, as they are in several Maryland counties right now. And exemptions should apply to the moderately-priced dwelling units in a project, existing and pending projects already under review by the City, and developments that include three or fewer residential units.

Planning commissioners will hold the discussion at their March 23, 2022 meeting. The virtual meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.

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