Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Gas prices trending downward in Montgomery County + lowest gas prices at this hour

After leveling off over the weekend, gas prices have actually begun to fall slightly in Montgomery County, especially at gas stations that have sought to offer the lowest prices. For example, regular was going for $4.09 last Friday at Liberty at 19205 Watkins Mill Road in Gaithersburg. On Sunday, it was holding steady there at $4.09. But as of 10:00 AM this morning, regular had dropped to $4.05 a gallon at the station.

The weekend had also seen the second pricing tier stations begin to reduce their price. Some sellers who were charging $4.15 cut back to $4.14. Today, the second tier price is down to $4.11. Many stations are still selling at relatively-absurd prices, especially where choices are few. But it's intriguing that the market is adjusting itself downward at other stations, before Maryland lawmakers have even passed any gas tax holiday.

Another trend as we reach midweek is that the bargain hotspots are shifting more definitively upcounty, to Gaithersburg, Germantown and Damascus. Here are the lowest gas prices at this hour across Montgomery County, according to

$4.05 Liberty - 19205 Watkins Mill Road, Gaithersburg

$4.05 Liberty - 623 S. Frederick Avenue, Gaithersburg

$4.11 Carroll Motor Fuels - 23418 Ridge Road, Germantown

$4.15 Freestate - 510 Hungerford Drive, Rockville

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  1. It's such obvious BS that gas prices shoot through the roof when oil spikes but then barely fall when oil plummets. Gas companies are the absolute worst when it comes to gouging. It should be criminal.