Thursday, March 24, 2022

In-person Mayor & Council meetings resume in Rockville March 28

Rockville City Hall will reopen to the public on Monday, March 28, 2022, after being closed for over two years due to the pandemic. Monday night at 7:00 PM will bring the first Mayor & Council meeting that the public can attend in-person. There are several things to know, if you are considering attending (you will still be able to participate in the meetings virtually online).

Seating capacity in the Mayor and Council chambers will be limited to 42 people; overflow seating will be available. The public must enter through the Main Entrance on the third floor facing Vinson Street. You can exit the building using any publicly-accessible door. Masks will be provided for those who wish to wear one, and do not have their own, but masks are not required.

If you wish to speak during the Community Forum portion of the meeting, sign up using the form at the entrance to the Mayor and Council chambers. In-person speakers will follow online virtual speakers in speaking order.

Photo courtesy City of Rockville

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