Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Lowest gas prices in Montgomery County at this hour

Here is a list of some of the lowest gas prices around Montgomery County at this hour. The prices were listed on Gas Buddy within the last two hours, and, of course, are subject to change by the minute or hour. Some of the lowest are in Rockville, and the highest in downtown Bethesda, Brookmont and Chevy Chase Lake.

Citgo on New Hampshire Avenue, Colesville: $4.03

Liberty on Randolph Road, Rockville: $4.09

Sunoco on Rockville Pike: $4.09

Valero in Kensington: $4.15

Safeway in Damascus: $4.15

Liberty in Gaithersburg: $4.17

Royal Farms on Watkins Mill Road in Gaithersburg: $4.19


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    1. You don't have a clue about oil prices. Get an education.

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