Monday, October 12, 2015

New 3-story self-storage facility proposed in Rockville (Photos)

A parking lot next to a Strayer University building at 4 Research Place in Rockville is the site of a newly-proposed self-storage facility. While one might hope that a parking lot site in the I-270 corridor would be chosen for a corporate headquarters or research facility, this 3-story self storage building will likely be less controversial than the last one proposed in the city.

The applicant is planning an 87,000 SF self-storage facility with approximately 700 storage units. Located in an office park adjacent to the interstate, it will not be prevented by the 2015 city ban on such facilities within 250 feet of a school.

A second self-storage building is planned to be adjacent to this one, and both will share common office facilities. Erica Leatham, attorney for the applicant, says that the project will reduce the level of impervious surface on the site by about 20%.

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  1. I don't know why people don't like having storage facilities in the area. It's a great provision to the community to help them move out their items to a safe and secured building.