Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pandora Seafood House and Bar opening at Rockville Town Square

The Rockville Town Square tenant roster was updated yesterday, and a seafood restaurant is on the way in. Pandora Seafood House and Bar will take over the space recently vacated by American Tap Room on Maryland Avenue. This will be Rockville's first major seafood restaurant since Phillip's closed at 1775 Rockville Pike a few years ago.


  1. I walked by Ev & Maddy's last night and it looks like this place has closed.

    1. I knew this place was going to close a long time ago (next to NO customers, bad business model and hostile owner attitude). Unfortunately, Spice Xing (Indian Restaurant) will be closing soon as well. Fact is Rockville Town Center is NOT the place to open a business (especially a restaurant) and Gibbs Street is truly the KISS OF DEATH.

  2. What do you mean it's closed? it hasn't even opened yet. Slated for the summer.